ACIM Translators

Welcome to our new website honoring the Translators of A Course in Miracles.

On this site you will find information about all our
amazing translators including lots of photos and videos.

The movie featured below is a composite of films taken at the International Translators Gratitude Gathering in October 2012.

We are deeply grateful to those of you who made this
happy event possible.

~Judith Skutch Whitson, Foundation for Inner Peace

ACIM Translators
Photo taken by Sami Yousif on Oct. 13, 2012 at the
ACIM Translators Gratitude Gathering

The videos below are of the ACIM
Translators sharing the impact that the Course
has had on their lives.

Albert Harloff
Norwegian Translator

Chaio Lin Cabanne
Chinese Translator

Efrat Sar Shalom
Hebrew Translator

Ruth Shek Yasur
Hebrew Translator

Henri Theron
Afrikaans Translator

Isabella Popani
Italian Translator

Junghee Koo and Simon Koo
Korean Translators

Karl Boysen
Danish Translator

Kira Feldgun
Russian Translator

Margarethe Von Randow-Tesch
German Translator

Pirrko Pelkonen
Finnish Translator

Franchita Cattani
French and German Translator Team

Willem Glaudemans
Dutch Translator

Rosa Maria Wynn
Spanish Translator

Lillian Paes
Portuguese Translator


Click here for more photos and information about the translators.